white as snow

Snow Day!

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Like many folks who grew up in North Carolina, I turn into a nine year old when it snows!  Granted, when the initial gentleness of the first few hours turns into shoveling, slipping on the ice, negotiating muddy slush on the roads and having to cancel important events and meetings, it gets old quickly!

But the beauty as it falls and the pristine picture of the world covered over with a blanket of snow makes me smile.  Sledding, snowmen and snowball fights still come immediately to mind and great memories of all the stories over the years of fun times in the snow!

The spiritual imagery cannot be missed–our sin being covered by the redeeming grace of Christ so that our hearts are cleansed by His blood and made “as white as snow (Isaiah 1:18).”  No wonder I still love snow days!

However, it is not all fun and games!  There are those moments!  This video that has been around for a while and still makes me laugh.  Enjoy!