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Where Are We Now? A Nation in a State of Flux

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When do you know a nation has reached a crisis point? Can accurate predictions of the demise of a nation be made? Your guess is as good as anybody’s! Only the Lord knows the future and He is not in the habit of giving out dates! Prophets of doom crying that the end is near almost have sufficient justification in a fallen world to make that claim sound credible.

But does that mean that we cannot sound the alarm when we see the ship of state gliding through stormy waters toward a dangerous waterfall? We may not have the right nor the insight to announce with any finality what will happen next in the future of the United States, but we can diagnose certain problems that could lead to our downfall one day.

As another local, state and national election weighs in on us, we cannot make responsible choices about the issues and the candidates unless we have some criteria by which to make good decisions. The substance of the issue, the character of the candidates, the consistency of the platforms, the values behind the promises—any number of considerations come into play when we are asked as citizens to express ourselves in the voting booth.

Perhaps one of the best places to start the process is to assess the state of the nation to determine where she currently stands and which way she appears to be headed. In one week, registered voters will be asked to cast their votes in support of various candidates for public office and in support or opposition to public issues and policies (such as the proposal in North Carolina to define marriage by way of a constitutional amendment). One reason to vote for the incumbents is that you like the direction we are heading, or at least prefer the trouble we already know to the trouble that we might get into with a change of leadership! A reason to vote for changes in leadership is that you look at our present circumstances and the policies and decisions that got us here and decide that new leadership is a must.

So what is our present circumstance? How would you describe our current situation in the United States? Over the next seven days, I want to speak to seven observations—things that I believe are true and are not going to change without an intervention from on high as the Lord intervenes and turns things around. Seven words describe what I see, and I am sure there are many other categories beyond these that I will not have time to address. Each day I will explore one of those words and the reasons behind my conclusion that it accurately describes where we stand and why we need divine intervention and courageous actions by the followers of Christ.

Here are the seven ways I believe we can properly, and sadly, describe the state of the union and get a better grasp of why we are in the state of flux in which we find ourselves.

• A Secular Nation
• A Purposeless Nation
• A Confused Nation
• A Selfish Nation
• An Immoral Nation
• A Debtor Nation
• A Declining Nation

Of course, you can feel free to rearrange the list, add to it if you will, but these adjectives describing our nation speak to weaknesses that will lead to our downfall eventually. I will try to make each day in the series worth your while, both succinct and rational in what I present for your consideration. In addition, I want to make a positive contribution as well and not just put my finger on the problems without offering meaningful suggestions for believers to follow in an effort to be an agent of reconciliation and change for the glory of God and the good of the nation.

So check here each day to find out why I have defined the state of our union with such terms as these and what is behind each conclusion.