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Sunday’s Video Is Now Available!

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Thanks to the amazing skills of the Providence media team, audio and video recordings of the special farewell service from Sunday night are available on the website!  Thanks to that entire team of men and women for their excellent work each week capturing the worship times of Providence.


Sunday night, the service was a few minutes under two hours with lots of great music and worship times, and then a series of short comments by a very special group of friends.  Cathy and I were overwhelmed, to say the least!

If you were not able to attend, I do hope you will enjoy the video!    To access the video, click on this link:

Celebrating 37 Years

I am also attaching a copy of the order of service in case you would like to scroll through to favorite portions of the service.

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A Night for Praise!

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What a night! …one last opportunity to say a public, worshipful thanks to the Lord for allowing Cathy and me to be part of the Providence family all these years!  When we agreed to have a farewell evening to say our last farewell as pastor of Providence, I frankly had no idea what that would mean.

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Love having the elders and pastors pray a commissioning prayer for Cathy and me as we begin the work of Equipped for Life…Eric Hamsho took this picture from the choir and captured not only the men praying for us but the back screen showing the front view!

Last night as friends gathered for a time of glorious worship, Cathy and I got to see and hug people we have loved from across four decades of Christ-centered relationships.  One surprise after another awaited us as first one then another and another would walk in–some having traveled many, many hours from many states to come celebrate with us.  To say it was overwhelming only begins to touch on what it was like for us!

Not knowing what was planned, Cathy and I had prayed that we would be able to take it all in while at the same time deflect all praise to the Lord.  We need not have been concerned because those who planned the day had made sure that each song, each testimony, each greeting, would give first place to the adoration of a gracious and generous Savior.


When the video of the evening goes online on, I will post that link so that those who could not come will be able to experience in part that evening of amazing worship!  Music from a wide range of styles led by dear friends and great musicians stirred all of our hearts  to lift high the name of Jesus!

For those looking for more information about our new ministry, Equipped for Life, there are a couple of posts here on this blog (December 3, July 7 and 10) that give a brief explanation of what we hope to see the Lord do.  Two primary emphases of EFL will be equipping–teaching, training and encouraging ministry leaders, and missions–bringing together missions needs with missions giving.

Hopefully within the next couple of months we will be launching the Equipped for Life website, but in the meantime this blog will post progress as the details develop more fully.

If you are interested in helping us in this new endeavor, you can contribute by making checks payable to “Equipped for Life” and sending them to Equipped for Life, 6339 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27612 or to 1820 Albacore Lane, Raleigh, NC 27612.  Since EFL is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization, all gifts are tax deductible.  If you prefer, you can also make checks payable to Providence Baptist Church and note EFL on the “for” line of the check.  When the website launches, there will be a provision for online giving.  So whether you want to become a ministry partner with us, or just make a one-time contribution, please know how grateful we will be!

For more details about the ministry itself, please contact me via my new ministry email ( and I will be very glad to fill you in on all the dimensions planned for this new and exciting phase of our calling to equip the saints for the work of ministry and connect missions needs with missions giving.

As far as last night is concerned, THANKS!…thanks to all of you for once again making us feel so blessed by a people we love so deeply!

Thanks for the memories!

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Yesterday was my last day as senior pastor at Providence! Now I am just a member, but I want to be a good one!

When Cathy and I found ourselves with eleven other couples on the threshold of starting a new church in 1978, we could never have predicted what the next 37 years had in store for us!  After preaching thousands of sermons, writing several books and articles, traveling hundreds of thousands of miles to speak at conferences here and abroad, baptizing hundreds, marrying hundreds more, counseling those in trouble or in need, comforting those who were bereaved or hurting in some way, sharing the gospel with individuals, small groups or entire congregations, my calling to preach the gospel and to equip the saints for the work of ministry has never left me in search of something to do!

For all the mistakes I made, and the failures I endured, there was never a moment in all those years when I felt any lack of support from you. Don’t get me wrong! There were plenty of antagonists to be found along the way and the sailing was not always smooth. But I always knew that Providence consisted primarily of men and women who loved Christ, loved His Word, loved His church, and yes, loved me as their pastor. How can I thank you properly for all of that?  What words of praise can adequately be expressed to a great and glorious Savior, Jesus Christ?  Praise and thanksgiving will always be in my heart and on my lips for you and to Him who alone is worthy to be exalted!

Version 2
David and Cathy; Jeff, Elizabeth, Michael and Brian; Scott, Meredith, Tom and Cate; Jon, Meghan and Graham.

Through all of those years, you the people of Providence have extended much grace to me and my family! Thanks for loving my family and for loving me well!

Looking back, some of you I baptized, then officiated at your weddings, dedicated your babies…only to get to do the same thing for your children!  Scores of you we ordained to the ministry, hundreds we commissioned to be missionaries, and thousands of others we affirmed to be salt and light in whatever circumstances God has placed you.  In this day of short pastoral tenures, who gets to stay in one place long enough to do all of that? Your gracious love and prayers and faithfulness provided a place for us to call home and raise our own family right here.

From a purely practical standpoint, you have also been a generous people. Through four relocations, you stood by the ministry and gave freely so that we have never had debt for more than a few years at any given time. We have met our budget all but a handful of those 37 years. And even then, we managed our spending well and ended the year in the black! That was done without ever compromising our commitment to give sacrificially and gladly to support various missions endeavors around the globe as a gospel centered church should. You have joined me to treasure Christ and make His glory known in your hearts and in all the earth! Thank you for that!!

May the riches of His grace flow freely as Brian Frost excels in his new role.  I now get to join you as a member of Providence, loving, supporting and praying for my new pastor.  So as I step aside and Brian becomes your Senior Pastor today, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude that I have been your pastor and friend all these years. “I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth” (3 John 4).

As I begin a new phase of ministry as Executive Director of Equipped for Life ministries, continuing to equip the saints for the work of ministry, especially ministry leaders, please pray for me as I will for you! May the grace of Jesus Christ be yours completely!

Christmas at Providence

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Take a look…Sunday night the Providence music team will present a preview of the Christmas concert.  We hope to have a thousand guests from outside our Providence family this year!  Begin thinking now about who you want to invite, how you want to spend the concert evening with your guests and what you can do to share the love of Christ with them!

safe_imageClick on the banner to see a 60 second video!

A Covenant for God’s People at Providence

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     On Sunday, October 6, 2013, Providence Baptist Church will celebrate its 35th Anniversary.  Those of us who have been here since that first Sunday in 1978 could never have imagined the journey in store for us as the Lord gave us the privilege of founding this congregation.  In preparation for the anniversary, we are introducing a Covenant for the People of Providence as a way of expressing succinctly our commitments to God and to each other out of profound gratitude to Jesus Christ.

     As we have stated clearly our Purpose and laid out our Core Values, we now want to add this covenant to state emphatically that we understand what it means to be members of the body of Christ and in these twelve areas affirm together some of the highlights of that commitment.


We will strive to grow in our knowledge of God and submit to the Word of God as the authority in our lives and in His church.
2 Timothy 3:16-172 Peter 3:18


We will seek to live loving, holy lives as we grow in Christ-like character.
1 Peter 1:14-16Galatians 5:16-25


We will dedicate ourselves to live a life of worship before God, recognizing that all of life is lived out in His presence. We will seek to trust God and show His worth with our minds, our hearts, and our hands.
Romans 12:1Hebrews 13:15-16


We will gladly support the Church in its worship, teaching, ministry and discipline, and we will submit to its God-given leadership.
Acts 2:42-471 Corinthians 5:1-13Hebrews 13:17


We will regularly observe baptism and participate in communion as we remember the past work of Christ on the cross, celebrate the present work of Christ at the Father’s right hand, and anticipate the future work of Christ in returning for His bride.
Matthew 28:19-201 Corinthians 11:23-26


We will uphold one another, along with the church’s leaders, ministries, and missionaries, in prayer.
James 5:16Colossians 4:2


We will give cheerfully and regularly in the financial support of this church, its ministries and obligations.
Luke 12:32-342 Corinthians 9:7-9


We will submit to one another out of devotion to Christ, allowing us to love one another, serve one another, encourage one another, share one another’s joys, bear each other’s burdens, and support one another in sickness and distress.
1 John 3:16-18Philippians 2:3


We will seek the good of others by going to our neighborhoods and to the nations to show the love of Christ and share the truth of the gospel.
Matthew 28:19-20Psalm 67:1-2


We will seek to pursue our unity in the Spirit by being patient with one another, by extending grace and forgiveness, and by being ready to seek reconciliation.
Ephesians 4:1-3Ephesians 4:32Galatians 6:2


We will protect our families and train our children to treasure Christ and seek His will for their lives through instructing and encouraging them in the Scriptures.
Deuteronomy 6:4-9


We will seek to understand and exercise our spiritual gifts as we serve together as members of the body of Christ.
1 Corinthians 12:1-27

      Each week for the next four weeks, daily devotions are available to explain and call more attention to the twelve points of this covenant.  They can be found by clicking here.


Celebration Sunday at Providence — August 18, 2013

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Just a little teaser of what is to come for those of you in Raleigh this coming Sunday!  Each August at Providence, we take a Sunday to remember, give thanks and celebrate God’s faithfulness to us.  Come and see!

If you have a story of how the Lord has worked in your life this past year, email it, text it, mail it to Providence so that we can add it to many other stories to be shared in the weeks and months ahead.  For more information, go to

(Thanks to Andrew Barnes and his team for the video.)

Psalm 150: A Night of Praise — Providence Worship Team

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worship night

On June 23, 2013, the worship team at Providence invited the church to come together for a night of musical praise.  For those present, it was an evening not soon forgotten!   The Spirit moved throughout the night to exalt Jesus Christ in a glorious way.

This week, a video of the evening has been made available on Vimeo.  I have watched and re-watched it several times already, each time marveling at the matchless mercy and grace of the Lord.  Each song and testimony affirms the greatness of God and the wonder of Christ.

The worship concert lasts about 1 hour 20 minutes.  If you can, watch it all!  But if that is not possible, there are some amazing moments not to be missed…”The Alabaster Box” sung by Shauna Nelson (31 minute mark), “I Will Bless Your Name” sung by Kristie Sylvester (48 minute mark), “Revelation Song” sung by Meg Skipper (55 minute mark) and “I Stay Amazed” sung by Shauna (1:11 mark).  There are many others that will stand out as you watch more, but I have been blessed by this great gift by Allen Lowe and our worship team.  They have allowed the Lord to show His glory in this great worship experience.

This year our focus is to make much of Christ.  That happened in a wonderful way that special evening!

Click on the banner below to go to the Vimeo site.

Psalm 150

Psalm 150:  A Night of Praise

Azusa Pacific Choir and Orchestra — “Go Tell It on the Mountain”

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Azusa PacificWhen the choir and orchestra from Azusa Pacific University led the morning worship at Providence on May 19, 2013, we all experienced a wonderful spirit of praise and adoration, of celebration and joy!  Throughout the congregation, people responded to the morning worship with words of gratitude for the way the students demonstrated a passion for Jesus Christ in each song.  As our guests for the morning, they served us well by leading us in a special time of worship.

Here is the closing song for the 9:30 service that morning–a call for all believers to take the gospel to the neighborhood and to the nations and tell them of the gift of grace God gives in Jesus Christ.  I pray that you will enjoy this and pass it along!

The Calling Is For YOU!

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May 19, 2013

PBC Sermons


Click on this banner for the sermon and links to video, audio, devotions and study/discussion questions
pertaining to that sermon.

Life Extraordinary — Providence Women’s Conference – April 20, 2013

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Ladies, the time has come again!  Whole Woman Day is back this year.  I am attaching the information for the Breakout Sessions here on my blog as well as general information about the conference.