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Does a pastor ever need help?

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Recently, this picture appeared on Facebook and I re-posted it because it struck me as quite comical!  Sometimes pastors feel like they are running for their lives!be a pastor they said

Not sure who “they” are who said that, but frankly sometimes being a pastor is NOT fun!  But when God is the One who calls, being a pastor is the best…even if once in a while it might feel like a Jack Sparrow moment!

At the end of this month, I will complete over 37 years as a pastor and turn the reins over to Brian Frost, our next pastor.  As my tenure comes to an end, I can say with complete candor that I have been blessed to be the pastor of an amazing church.  Providence Baptist Church, its leaders and members, have allowed me to serve them and shepherd them for a very long time!  How can I express my gratitude for that?  Not many pastors get to do what I have done and experience life together with a loving, appreciative, supportive people.  Not that it has always been an easy calling!!  That is why I think every pastor relates to the picture above!

But how can churches and pastors be more likely to do better than mereefl logoly survive ministry?  In January, I will begin a ministry called Equipped for Life, also the name of this blog.  My whole ministry life has been devoted to equipping the saints for the work of the ministry so it is only fitting that I get the opportunity to continue that at another level.

One of the focuses of that ministry will be to equip pastors and other Christian leaders to find the joy of Christ and the fruit of the Spirit in their calling.  Another part of that ministry will be to help churches and their leaders understand how to function in the most biblical ways possible as they follow the lead of their pastors.  sunergos

That part of the ministry will be called Sunergos Equipping Ministry.  Sunergos is the Greek word for “working together with.”  I will be working together with churches and Christian leaders to help them find the pleasures I have enjoyed for all these years at Providence – and if possible help them avoid the parts that were not always enjoyable!

Pastoring and functioning well as a Christian leader can be a delight.  Pray for this ministry to reach the right churches and pastors and leaders so that every year more of them will find the joy of Christ in their ministries!  In addition to the coaching, consulting and mentoring aspect of this work, I will also be available for teaching, preaching and conferences.  Lots of ground to cover should the Lord allow.  I will keep you posted as this new ministry develops!