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Teaching time away…

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For the next week or so, I will be overseas doing some teaching and leadership training.  When I return I hope to have some pictures to share with you and hopefully a story or two to tell!

I am so grateful for privilege given to me by our hosts overseas and by the members and leaders of our church, Providence.  Their heart for the nations overwhelms me.  The steady stream of people pulling up roots and following the Lord to the ends of earth encourages, excites and challenges me.

Although I do not mention where we are going, please pray that we will be useful for the kingdom and helpful to our brothers and sisters in a nation within the 10/40 window.  Thanks for your interest and prayers for our effectiveness and for safe travels!

Romania and India…or ‘What I did on spring break!’

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After seventeen days overseas, too many stories and impressions might be overlooked or forgotten if no record is kept of the trip.  Therefore, I tried to keep track of what we did, saw and felt during our time in Romania and India and write up a summary of the highlights.

As a preview, here is a picture of some of the young girls rescued from female infanticide and given a chance to live in a loving, Christ-centered home.  Each one would have been killed unless an intervention had taken place because of the compassion of one couple who were moved by the plight of little ones like these all over India.  One look at their faces says it all–this is a ministry of incredible compassion and infinite value!

Attached you will find a PDF file with an account not only of the India trip but what preceded it with a week in Roman.  It extends for several pages so if you are not ready to read it all at one sitting I will understand!  But if you are interested, here it is.  Just click on the link and it will take you to the file where you can either read it or save it for later.

Romania & India Trip

Many of you prayed for our journey and we want to thank you.  I hope this brief recollection of the trip will serve to fill you in on how your prayers were answered!

From Romania…

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Today we conclude a week of teaching and ministry here at Emanuel University in Oradea, Romania.  While many other schools are struggling to maintain their mission focus and support base, Emanuel has continued to stand strong and attract excellent students from throughout this region.

An excellent business school, school of social work, music and theology give Emanuel a broad appeal to college students who want to prepare for their life’s work in a committed Christian environment.  George Tissiere and I have spent over fifteen hours in teaching time in the classroom and many extra hours enjoying the fellowship of students, faculty and administration.

I love both teaching and preaching, so in addition to the time in the classroom, I have been able to preach in chapel for the students and at the midweek service at Emanuel Baptist Church.   Even working through translation, there was a great connection with both groups and the Lord blessed with His favor.  There are some extraordinary men and women here doing excellent ministry in this part of the world.

Tomorrow we leave here and begin our trip on to India where we will be teaching at a pastors conference down in the southern part of the country.  Thanks for all who have been praying!  We have seen the effectiveness of your intercessions on our behalf!