Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia Mosaic of Virgin and Child

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The Virgin and Child--Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
The Virgin and Child–Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Another of the well-preserved mosaics in Hagia Sophia reminding visitors of days gone by when Jesus Christ was worshiped in this grand edifice.  This is the earliest of the mosaics to survive the ages and be uncovered in recent years.  The mosaic of The Virgin and Child is thought to have been produced in the late 9th century!


To see the first mosaic I posted, click on the thumbnail to the left to see the November 13, 2011 post of the mosaic of Jesus.

Mosaic from Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

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The Deesis Mosaic (The Entreaty) in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is perhaps the best preserved and most perfectly crafted of all the mosaics that have been uncovered there.  The Hagia Sophia, pictured below, was built in stages dating back to the 500 AD period.  For hundreds of years, it was the world’s largest cathedral. The mosaic itself probably dates to about 1250 AD and stands as a tenacious reminder that the gospel still stands even though the symbols of it have remained hidden in the walls of what has been a mosque for the
past few centuries.

Would love to hear thoughts and comments you have about this extraordinary mosaic preservation depicting the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ!  And if you want more information about Him, I would love to get that to you as well!  Thanks for dropping by this site!