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Film thoughts by the late Roger Ebert…

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SISKEL  EBERTAgree with him or frustrated by him, Roger Ebert made a living offering his perspectives on films.  To the uninitiated who see films as mere entertainment, Ebert’s insights and choices of films to review may not have made much sense.  But in a culture shaped in a substantial ways by the entertainment industry, it is perhaps important to understand something of the power of film to impact thinking and behavior.

I seldom saw, read or availed myself of Ebert’s opinions–and when I did seldom agree with what he valued or applauded in the films he reviewed.  However, he had 10 favorite films with Christian themes (although some could hardly be described as ‘Christian films’!).  Many of them I have not seen, and know enough about some of them not to waste my time!  But The Gospel Coalition website offered the following article highlighting what he thought were some of the best.

Be forewarned!  I am not recommending that you watch some of them!  But it is an interesting summary of what his top ten were.

Sadly, many Christian films have been done with low budgets, poor acting and screenwriting, and without much of a literary flair.  But there are some new folks moving into the industry to try to change that and make excellent films worthy of the greatest message, the gospel of Jesus Christ.  If you were to put together a list of your top ten, what would you include?  Send your list in the “leave a comment” tab below!