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October 6, 2013

Join us as we affirm God’s goodness and faithfulness in observance of the 35th anniversary of our founding.



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A celebration in the water

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On Sunday afternoon, August 26, hundreds of folks from Providence gathered at New Life Camp for a picnic followed by a time of baptism in the pool there.  It was perfect blend of fellowship and celebration on a gorgeous afternoon.  Hope you enjoy this brief recap of the afternoon!

Nicole’s Baptism

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Nicole and me at the fall festival last year...guess that makes me "the beast!"

Once in a while a special gift from the Lord falls down upon you and fills you with such joy that it has to be shared!  A few months ago, I got to baptize a young lady named Nicole and the occasion turned into a source of awe for all of us there.  It was so wonderful that she and her parents agreed to allow us to share it with the entire congregation on Easter Sunday morning.

Grab the tissues, pull up a chair and prepare to listen to the gospel in one of the clearest expressions of God’s love, grace and sufficiency in Christ I have heard in many years!

By the way, you cannot hear it but by the end of Nicole’s song, the entire congregation is singing along with her quietly.  One of those extraordinary moments in the life of a church family!