Choose Life! 42 Years Later…

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This year marks the 42nd anniversary of Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court decision that opened a flood gate of atrocity against the unborn.  Estimates run as high as 57 million lives have been taken in the womb through the horrors of abortion.

Today I am posting a sermon I preached 20 years ago on the 22nd anniversary.  I do hope you find it helpful and will pass it on as you think appropriate.

Here is a pdf version of a sermon that still rings true today, twenty years later!  Click on the link below to bring up the message.



A step in support of adoption…

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In a week that revealed once again the Great Divide of the United States on the issue of abortion, Sara Groves will present a concert to benefit Amazing Grace Adoption/Orphans Care, a ministry/service to help place unexpected or unwanted children in loving homes where godly parents can nurture them and grow them up in the presence and love of Christ.

The debacle between the Susan Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood received very little intelligent treatment in the news this week.  The former raises funds to support research for the cure for breast cancer, while the latter spends its money both to give counsel and when possible provide abortions to pregnant women.  In other words, one seeks to preserve life and the other seeks to destroy life.

Planned Parenthood, for example, counseled 841 women in all its clinics in 2010 to put their unborn child up for adoption when it was born while aborting 329, 445 unborn babies.  When B&H Publishing entered into a partnership with Komen to print pink Bibles to help in gathering funds for breast cancer research, they had no idea that some of the funds were being channeled into the coffers of Planned Parenthood.  As soon as they discovered this amazing disparity between organizations bent on either life-saving research and life-taking practice, they immediately withdrew those Bibles and ate the losses rather than continue to support anything remotely connected with abortion.

The voices of those who love God and the life He creates need to be heard above the media hype which ignores the reality that well over half of our nation opposes abortion and supports all that preserves and protects life.

In addition to the fine work of Christian counseling services around the nation which offer truth to women with difficult decisions regarding their pregnancies, there are many wonderful agencies set up to help the overwhelming number of families who want children but have not been able to adopt because so many are aborted before they ever see the light of day that there are far fewer babies than parents who long for them.

So now we as Christians get to step up and provide support for agencies which work hard to make adoption possible so that the little ones unwanted by some can be placed with those who have been longing and praying for the privilege of having them in their home.

This benefit concert in Raleigh on Saturday night, February 11 gives us a chance to enjoy the musical talents of Sara Groves and know that the proceeds will support the work of a great organization!  If you are going to be in town, I highly recommend that you come and give your voice and your gifts to support a work that values life and loves seeing little ones placed with families who will give them every opportunity to find the life they were created to live–to live for the glory of their Creator God!

Hope you enjoy another Sara Groves video!

Tickets for the concert at Fletcher Opera Hall in downtown Raleigh can be purchased at agadoptions.org or ticketmaster.com.  See you there!  Cathy and I wouldn’t miss it!

Choosing Life…what are we to understand?

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With the recent passing of the anniversary of Roe v Wade, it is widely acknowledged that the policies and laws of the land have authorized the aborting of approximately 50 million individuals.  The impact that has had on the culture is incalculable as we will never know what kinds of leaders would now be coming of age, how much creativity would have introduced positive change to society and how many of them would now have become followers of Christ.  On the negative side, it is true that by the same reasoning we can never know how many villains never emerged, how many more jobless and homeless people there would be and so forth.

But those questions are not really the issue at all.  At the center of all the discussion is the simple question that continues to stir debate–whose life is more important, mother or child?  Although there are some who still try to argue that the baby is not human until born, that point of view has been discredited by the amazing technological advances that allow us to see the baby in the womb and know that it is a living human being.  The debate over the value of one over another is at the heart of the matter and 50 million human beings never got to speak to the issue!

God treasures the lives of both mother and child.  He values life and created each one for His glory.  Assuming the right to make a choice of one over the other presumes too much!  Therefore, it is essential for followers of Christ not to be swayed by sentimentality either way, nor for them to depend on their own reason to formulate a response.  God provides what we need to know in His Word.

Several years ago, I laid out what I believe we need to understand as followers of Christ.  You can find the full outline of that message in a new tab at the top of this page devoted to more extensive articles and teaching outlines that would take too much space on the front page of the blog.

Read it, share it, pray over it if you will.  Taking a biblical approach to this and all controversial issues we face as Christians in a culture with a different trajectory toward the future will help us understand and speak with truth and grace to people all around us lost in the verbiage and in need of a word of reason based on God’s Word of revelation.