Cape Town

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No place I’ve ever been matches the rugged beauty of the mountains meeting the crashing waves of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans here in the Cape Town area.  Cathy and I have come here once again to lead a couple of conferences.  A team from our church back home arrives today for a week of work in one of the townships.

Cathy finishes up tonight with the Women’s Conference and I begin in earnest tomorrow.  She will have taught six sessions in two days!  I will preach tomorrow in a township populated by over one million people in an area about twenty miles square!  Yet great work for the gospel continues to grow out of such trying conditions as year after year more churches are founded and ministries are established for the sake of Christ.

I will be joining a team of Korean leaders here who oversee the labors of 60-75 Ethiopian church planters doing an amazing work among refugees from their home land.  George Tissiere and I will take part in a three-day teaching/training conference for these pastors , each speaking 6-7 times.  In doing so, we get to enjoy the honor of lending our efforts to support the work of Larry Warren and Caleb Davison of Leadership International who are partnered with Young Ohm and his team of Korean pastors.

So please pray for our time to be profitable…as they learn from us, and certainly as we learn from them!  Their ministry is amazing!  God’s Word anchors our hearts together as we exalt and glorify Christ together.

Look for more updates when we get back, but for now just take a look at a sample of the creative majesty of God’s craftsmanship in this extraordinary land!_dsc4950


“Home Again” featuring Joshua Carswell

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Need a break from political rhetoric?  Listen to this incredible song.  Sometimes music is just so good!!

When I was in high school, Carole King produced “Tapestry,” a classic album packed with great songs like “You’ve Got a Friend,” “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” “So Far Away,” and “It’s Too Late,” to name a few.

I just found this version of “Home Again” from that same album, this one performed by Joshua Carswell (first heard him in his connection with our friends the Wolavers from the Annie Moses Band), and accompanied simply by an upright bass (Scott Mulvahill) and classical guitar (James DaSilva).  All three of these musicians qualify as outstanding!


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For ten days, Cathy and I made our way up the inside passage in Alaska, then traveled up to Denali to see the marvels of this amazing national park.  Although we did not get to see the moose and bear population, we saw a few caribou.  But the star of the show was Denali (formerly Mount McKinley) which usually hides behind a shroud of clouds.  Yet in the brief hours of our excursion, we were treated to the following view…the tallest peak in North America!  We had prayed for the clouds to clear out so we could see this phenomenon–the picture says it best!


Hopefully I will be posting more photos on my photography page, dhhornerphotography.

“How Can It Be?” – Lauren Daigle

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This song has been out for a while now but as I get ready to re-activate my blog, what a great place to start!

Lauren Daigle has a great capacity to present the hope of the gospel in song.  Hope you enjoy this live video version.

Getting ready to start up again!

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For those of you who have followed my blog for the past few years, thanks!  However, my last post was way back on April 13!  A few day later, I left for a month of ministry and study overseas and have not had opportunity to get back up to speed.

At the moment, Equipped for Life ministries is putting together the design for a full-service website which will be linked to this blog.  Lots of work to be done but I am excited about the prospects for the near and long terms.

So keep posted and I will look forward to keep posting again!  Thanks so much for your patience!

“Sometimes He Calms the Storm”

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Back in 1995, Scott Krippayne recorded a song, “Sometimes He Calms the Storm,” which struck a chord in me.  When life gets tough, we sometimes wonder why God doesn’t step in and do something.  Yet in His infinite wisdom, the Lord knows when it is time to calm the storm and at other times calm His child in the storm.  Certainly He can do either.  When the wind and waves get frightening, we can still have peace because the Lord has everything under control.

Hope you enjoy this live version I found on YouTube as Scott sang at New Hope Church.

Great opportunities coming!

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Starting next week, I will be in Ukraine for a series of meetings in the cities of Lutsk and Kiev.  The churches in Ukraine are standing strong these days and I will have the privilege of meeting with many of their leaders while there.

I look forward to the joy of preaching at our “home church” in Lutsk (called “God’s Design Church”) on Sunday, April 24.  This morning on FaceBook I found the following flyer announcing the events of the day…and no, I can’t read a word of it!!  Praise the Lord for good translators when I teach and preach!

If you can, pray for the trip to be beneficial to the leaders in Kiev at their national conference as I speak to their young adult leaders gathered together from all over the nation.  The kind folks in Lutsk have translated and published my book, Firmly Rooted, Faithfully Growing (cover photo attached).  A copy will be given to each of the 800 conference participants!

Thanks for your continued interest and prayers as we continue to prepare the launch of Equipped for Life in the coming months!


FRFG Ukraine


The Foolish and the Wise

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With all the attention given to the presidential primaries around the country, I just found a very helpful article on the Desiring God website by Jon Bloom.  Whereas one cannot always predict the presence of wisdom, the book of Proverbs gives keen insights into the presence of foolishness.


The article is weakened in its initial impact by posting it with a picture of one of the presidential candidates before any text giving the wrong impression that the article is a commentary only on Donald Trump.

In reality, the content of the article can be applied equally across the slates of candidates in both major political parties.  Further, the characterizations of foolishness from Proverbs have no particular reference to politics, but represent humanity at large in all of its variations!

Read and enjoy the challenge to think well before choosing leaders in any context!

“Piece by Piece”…that a father could stay…

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Like millions of others, I watched Kelly Clarkson cry on American Idol.  Like millions of others, I cried with her.

Her song, “Piece by Piece” is about a father who left when she was six years old, and about her husband, who has loved her and their baby…who has picked up the pieces of her broken heart and shown her what it is like to be loved without having to earn it…I’m telling you, it is a powerful song.

But here is the thing.

Every human father eventually fails.  Every husband falls down once in a while.  Mothers and wives do too.

But as I listened, I heard the powerful strains of the Gospel coming through the music. All of us get dropped, and all of us find ourselves in pieces on the ground at one time or another.  Yet no human being can fix everything that has been broken.  We may resolve to try to help others, or to find someone who can help us.  In the final part of the song, Kelly states her resolve not to be like her earthly father with her own daughter (and soon to be born son).

Piece by piece I fell far from the tree
I will never leave her like you left me
And she will never have to wonder her worth
Because unlike you I’m going to put her first
And you know, he’ll never walk away,
He’ll never break her heart
He’ll take care of things, he’ll love her
And piece by piece, he’ll restore my faith
That a man can be kind and a father should be great.

Only Jesus can lead us to the Father who can be that for all who are broken to pieces and abandoned by a disappointing, heart-breaking world.  He’ll never break our hearts…He’ll never walk away…He’ll love us…He’ll take care of things…He’ll restore all that has been lost!

Listen to the song with you eyes on Jesus and see the loving mercy and grace of the heavenly Father in a song that was not likely to have been intended for that purpose.  But as the power of its lyrics flood over you, be very glad that our great God picks us up, “piece by piece.” He makes all things new* through the grace of Jesus Christ to all who will come to Him who gives us rest** and restores our souls!  Only God the Father can be that kind and be that great, can be worthy of our absolute trust.  We all need such a Father…so we all need Christ!

*2 Corinthians 5:17
** Matthew 11:28-30

What do you think? EFL intro piece

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Would love your feedback!

I am attaching a one-page intro sheet (front and back) that I am designing to introduce people to what Equipped for Life is, the idea behind it and some details of what EFL will offer.  The front page is a screen shot of a possible design for a website home screen and the back page gives some details about the three categories listed on the front page.

Let me know what is missing…what should be left off…overall what your impression is…and last of all, what other means of equipping Christian leaders you might like to see EFL offer that are not mentioned.

You can either comment here or email me at  Thanks for your interest and your help!  EFL for FBEFL for FB2