“Jesus Thank You” by Renew Worship

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Renew Worship

This simple, profound song of worship from Sovereign Grace quietly stirs the heart to remember the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ–and then give Him thanks!  Hope you enjoy the manner in which Renew Worship leads us gently into His presence.

Cuba Trip Postponed: Hurricane Irma!

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We are sorry to announced that our plans for a trip to Cuba next week have been postponed due to the impending Hurricane Irma crisis.  More details when new plans are more settled but it looks like we are shifting the whole plan to January 13-18, 2018.

Thanks for your prayers…for us and for the millions in harms way due to the path of the storm still ahead.

Discipleship Ministry Begins

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This week Cathy and I take the next steps toward providing discipleship ministries to seminary students at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Here is a screenshot of the information that was sent to students at the end of last week.

Pray for a great response!  These who are discipled now will be the disciple-makers in the years ahead!  2 Timothy 2:2

SEBTS ad for EFL

“Wexford Carol” Joshua Carswell and the Hall Sisters

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Well, December finally arrived!  I’ve been holding this post since October, waiting to share this beautiful carol.  Three connections with this piece–first, I’ve known these four sisters, their parents, and their grandparents going back many, many years.  Second, heard Joshua Carswell for the first time in connection with the Fine Arts Summer Camps organized by the Wolavers (of Annie Moses Band fame).  Third, Bill Wolaver plays piano on this recording and is one of the finest arrangers I’ve ever known.

So enjoy the music…but more to the point, hear the proclamation of the Good News that Jesus Christ our Savior is born!

Back home from Cape Town

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Cathy and I returned late Friday night from an incredible ten days in Cape Town, South Africa.  We got to see the diversity of the body of Christ in full display!

Leadership International from Nashville, Tennessee partnered with Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina to provide work teams to finish up work for a Xhosa church in the Khayelitsha township (over one million residing within a few square miles between the airport and the sea).

Meanwhile, I joined others in teaching a three-day pastors’ conference for church planting pastors from Ethiopia working under the auspices of an Bible Training Center for Pastors leadership team from South Korea!  Cathy got a tremendous response as she led a two-day retreat for women church leaders from the Khayelitsha township.Version 2

Over 750,000 refugees from Ethiopia make their home in South Africa.  In the past 10-12 years, this group of pastors and their colleagues have planted over 75 churches among those refugees, largely self-sustaining and committed to multiplying themselves all over the country.  The Korean leadership team offers training and some financial support. The Americans, like us, provide periodic teaching and training resources.  It is glorious partnership and snapshot of the international flavor of the church Jesus Christ is gathering unto Himself!

When you get a chance, check out the Equipped for Life website for a few more pictures!

In the meantime, here is a look at the Providence team at work on the church building and child-care center!


Cape Town

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No place I’ve ever been matches the rugged beauty of the mountains meeting the crashing waves of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans here in the Cape Town area.  Cathy and I have come here once again to lead a couple of conferences.  A team from our church back home arrives today for a week of work in one of the townships.

Cathy finishes up tonight with the Women’s Conference and I begin in earnest tomorrow.  She will have taught six sessions in two days!  I will preach tomorrow in a township populated by over one million people in an area about twenty miles square!  Yet great work for the gospel continues to grow out of such trying conditions as year after year more churches are founded and ministries are established for the sake of Christ.

I will be joining a team of Korean leaders here who oversee the labors of 60-75 Ethiopian church planters doing an amazing work among refugees from their home land.  George Tissiere and I will take part in a three-day teaching/training conference for these pastors , each speaking 6-7 times.  In doing so, we get to enjoy the honor of lending our efforts to support the work of Larry Warren and Caleb Davison of Leadership International who are partnered with Young Ohm and his team of Korean pastors.

So please pray for our time to be profitable…as they learn from us, and certainly as we learn from them!  Their ministry is amazing!  God’s Word anchors our hearts together as we exalt and glorify Christ together.

Look for more updates when we get back, but for now just take a look at a sample of the creative majesty of God’s craftsmanship in this extraordinary land!_dsc4950


“Home Again” featuring Joshua Carswell

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Need a break from political rhetoric?  Listen to this incredible song.  Sometimes music is just so good!!

When I was in high school, Carole King produced “Tapestry,” a classic album packed with great songs like “You’ve Got a Friend,” “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” “So Far Away,” and “It’s Too Late,” to name a few.

I just found this version of “Home Again” from that same album, this one performed by Joshua Carswell (first heard him in his connection with our friends the Wolavers from the Annie Moses Band), and accompanied simply by an upright bass (Scott Mulvahill) and classical guitar (James DaSilva).  All three of these musicians qualify as outstanding!


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For ten days, Cathy and I made our way up the inside passage in Alaska, then traveled up to Denali to see the marvels of this amazing national park.  Although we did not get to see the moose and bear population, we saw a few caribou.  But the star of the show was Denali (formerly Mount McKinley) which usually hides behind a shroud of clouds.  Yet in the brief hours of our excursion, we were treated to the following view…the tallest peak in North America!  We had prayed for the clouds to clear out so we could see this phenomenon–the picture says it best!


Hopefully I will be posting more photos on my photography page, dhhornerphotography.

“How Can It Be?” – Lauren Daigle

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This song has been out for a while now but as I get ready to re-activate my blog, what a great place to start!

Lauren Daigle has a great capacity to present the hope of the gospel in song.  Hope you enjoy this live video version.

Getting ready to start up again!

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For those of you who have followed my blog for the past few years, thanks!  However, my last post was way back on April 13!  A few day later, I left for a month of ministry and study overseas and have not had opportunity to get back up to speed.

At the moment, Equipped for Life ministries is putting together the design for a full-service website which will be linked to this blog.  Lots of work to be done but I am excited about the prospects for the near and long terms.

So keep posted and I will look forward to keep posting again!  Thanks so much for your patience!