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On the joys of being a pastor…

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For any who might wonder about what it is like being a pastor, one might think of long hours in the study doing sermon preparation, board meetings, counseling sessions, weddings, funerals and such.  But the best part comes with those special moments when you get to be there when the Lord brings new life by His matchless grace!  Tears of repentance turn to tears of joy when new faith is born!  Take a look at this picture from Christmas Eve and you might understand why I would not trade being a pastor for anything in the world!

AveryThe face of this sweet little one is hidden just enough that she is not identifiable to anyone but her immediate family and friends.  Therefore with her parents permission in posting this picture, I violate neither her privacy or theirs.  I just wanted you to get to share in this tender moment when she met her Savior!  In over 36 years as a pastor, this never gets old!!


Faces of the Nations

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Sometimes in the middle of global upheaval, the news gets so overwhelming that we compartmentalize our emotions from our thoughts.  It is easier to deal with the pain if we disconnect it from actual people.  We know about it, but if we do not know the people we can distance ourselves from their circumstances and inoculate ourselves from their hurts.

Faces of the nations
A gallery of my own photos from my travels

That is why pictures are so powerful.  Every day when we see the faces of those in Syria and Iraq who are running for their lives, sorrow grips us.  Whenever we see victims of ebola lying helplessly in huts in small villages, we cannot escape the images of real people staring blankly back at us.  As real families hit with enemy fire appear in photographs from Gaza or Israel, our hearts immediately engage.  Soldiers and civilians in Ukraine who have been hurt or killed are just statistics to us until we see their faces.  Images are indeed powerful.

The biblical mandate to take the light and love of Jesus Christ to the nations remains cerebral and theoretical until we see those faces of men, women and children who live apart from Him.  That is why when I travel, I try to take pictures of people as often as I can.  Some are willing subjects, others caught from a distance with a zoom lens.  But it is people in need who stir the heart.  The commission of Christ should be enough.  The love for His glory should compel us.  The desire for His kingdom to grow and be populated with as many as possible before He comes again should sustain our mission.

But those faces…each one an individual created in the image of God.  Let the Spirit keep us fresh in our mission and for missions because He commanded us to go, because we are passionate about making Him known, and because we pray for the expansion of His kingdom.  But let us never lose sight of those images of people who need hope, the hope that only Jesus Christ can give!

A new grandson! William Graham Horner

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Today around lunch time, Jon and Meghan Horner welcomed a great little guy named William Graham Horner to the world!  He was a little over 8 pounds and has dark hair, a dimpled chin and good, strong lungs!

Obviously we are all thrilled and so very thankful that the Lord would entrust him to our family.  Mom and baby are doing very well and we are overwhelmed by the wonder of God with the birth of each little baby.  Such a vision of His brilliance and creative genius!

Here is a picture via iPhone taken when he was just two hours old.  Thanks to all who prayed!

Graham 2hrs

Funny little boys figuring out baseball…

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DSC_9265 - Version 2tom and brian at bat

“So, do you know how to get this stick inside this ball?”

After watching their five year old cousin Michael take a mighty swing, younger cousins Brian and Tom try to figure out the fine points of batting on vacation last summer!  Life is complicated when you are not
quite two years old and everyone seems to understand this but you!


Swiss Guard at the Vatican

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Hard to believe but 2013 is here and I will be spending some time away on sabbatical this year.  Rather than the typical block of time off for the summer as in past sabbaticals, I will be away for three weeks in the spring and six weeks in the summer.  Part of that will be mission trip, part vacation and part sabbatical.

During the spring, Cathy and I will spend a part of our time in Rome, a first for us.  Hope you enjoy the first of what should be many photos of Italy we hope to post here.  This one was taken by my son Jon a couple of years ago and then I reworked it recently with an oil painting look.

Italian guard

Swiss Guard at the Vatican
Photo-Jon Horner; Oil Treatment-David Horner

Kind Enough to Pose — Harare, Zimbabwe

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This sweet little girl was patient and kind enough to allow me to take a picture of her while I was teaching at a Bible College in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2007.  Very likely I will never see her again this side of heaven, but she is indeed one of the faces of the redeemed serving Christ there in the heart of southern Africa!


A Day of Giving Thanks

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This wonderful bunch of Horners have much for which to give thanks…and so we did while sharing a fantastic meal and the privilege of just being together!

Jeff and Elizabeth with Michael and Brian, Scott and Meredith with Tom, Jon and Meghan, David and Cathy

Photography: The Class of Williamsburg

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The Class of Williamsburg, 2011

Back in the saddle…

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After seventeen days overseas on a mission trip, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be home again!  Hopefully I will crank things back up with blogging content soon but for right now, this is too good a pic not to include as I resume my blog!

Michael and Brian stirring up a snack!

And I thought it was going to be challenging eating overseas!

Photography: Williamsburg Boy

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Young Patriot