“Latch” by Uncle Jed (a love song for Valentine’s Day)

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uncle jedLast year I happened upon “Uncle Jed” an Australian group.  I was looking at a video on Youtube and saw that they were auditioning for the show “Australia’s Got Talent” and was immediately captivated by their sound.  Featuring a couple of brothers (Denny and Shannon) and young woman (Laura) who is their cousin, this group was so very good that I have been trying to find some excuse to put something by them on my blog.  So here it is!  It’s a love song called “Latch” that is very sketchy in its original video format but here has been wonderfully rearranged by Uncle Jed.  Hope you enjoy their version, the best version!

If you want to see their audition and then their second appearance on “Australia’s Got Talent,” click the following links:

Audition One, “Brother”

Appearance Two, “Give Me Love”

Also, their website is http://www.unclejed.com.au/ in case you want to find out more or just do what I did…search for more on Youtube!

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