ALS Awareness — Taking the IceBucket Challenge

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Ice bucketAfter several weeks of watch video of others, I finally got to participate!  I challenged our own pastors at Providence to join me after our congregational worship and prayer time last night.  While the kids and their parents enjoyed a little ice cream out in the courtyard, we got our buckets ready and joined the millions who have already gotten drenched for a great cause–research for ALS treatment.  Sure there are many other causes, but this one is here…it is now…it has impacted our church…and we could do something!  So why not?

Cathy and I wanted to join in personally so not only did I get the ice bucket treat, but we will make a donation to  But beyond that, we want to extend the effort and also make a donation to Alzheimer’s research, the horrible disease that took her Mom’s life a couple of years ago.

So, enjoy the silly video, and look beyond it.  Someone had a simple idea and it struck a nerve and generated millions of dollars for a worthy cause!  What a delight to be able to give and enjoy it so much!!  Thanks to the folks at Providence who cheered us on!

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