Day: July 29, 2014

For the Lord Gives Wisdom – Proverbs 2:1-10

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January 26, 1992

Please enjoy this special message from our past sermons archive, while Pastor Horner is away from the pulpit.

“The plans for our lives have been developed out of the eternal wisdom of the only wise God and are perfect in every way for the fulfillment of His glorious and unchanging purposes.” – Pastor David Horner


For the Lord Gives Wisdom-II

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Gristmill at Stratford Hall

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DSC_5282 For a couple of days in July, Cathy and I toured the Northern Neck of Virginia.  Of the many historic sites and birthplaces of famous colonial Americans, we thoroughly enjoyed Stratford Hall, the home of the influential Lee family.  The well-preserved home is best known for being the dwelling place of the only family to have two brothers sign the Declaration of Independence (Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee).  The home is also notable as the birthplace in 1807 of Robert E. Lee.

For more pictures of the trip to Northern Neck, click here:

          Northern Neck Virginia