Day: July 19, 2014

Better Days? Only when Jesus is on the throne!

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In a broken world, there is such a longing for hope.  In spite of the absence of any evidence, people continue to declare that they want to have confidence that life will get better.

However, apart from surrendering to the Creator and Giver of life, there is no such hope!  The last sermon in the series from the Prophets offers the only hope there is–that the Messiah has come to forgive the sin which separates us from God; and that the Messiah will come again to assume His rightful place on the eternal throne where He will put everything right and restore His perfect kingdom.

As an example of the kind of hope people want to claim, here is a video of an old song covered in a more recent arrangement.  Back in 1970, the Five Stairsteps recorded a song, “Ooh Child,” and promised that some day a better world was coming.  Over the years, many other artists sang and recorded the same song written by Stan Vincent.  Here is a fuzzy video of Destiny’s Child and Cyndi Lauper doing the song in concert just a couple of years ago.

The sad thing is that people still think that a better day will come apart from Christ!  Until He comes, it will only get worse in a fallen world that continues to fall apart, among a fallen people who persist in making things worse!  Yet because Jesus has come, there is abundant life possible now and eternal life promised when He comes again–just as the prophets foretold!

So, yes, the message of the song is true, just not the way the writer and artists who recorded think.  Only through Jesus Christ are things going to get brighter, better and beyond imagination!