Mother’s Day Idea: Go See “Mom’s Night Out”

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With Mother’s Day coming next week, lots of people are scrambling for new and creative ways to express their love for Mom!  If you have plans to take her out to lunch on Sunday, you may already be a little late!  Reservations are hard to come by in Raleigh (as I have discovered in previous years–and yes, I already have made reservations this year!).

But this year, besides a special lunch, I would like to suggest you make arrangements to do something very different.  On Friday night, May 9, a new movie is supposed to open in theaters across the area.  “Mom’s Night Out” will be a film you do not want to miss.  I seldom recommend movies because so many people have differing tastes.  But when I saw a preview of this movie back in February, I have to confess that I could not stop laughing.  Frankly, on the night the preview was scheduled to be shown at a meeting I was attending, I was planning to let the movie get started and slip out.  But from the opening scenes until the finish, I was thoroughly entertained.

The movie is very pro-family and Christian-friendly.  So guys, maybe you can do something different this Mother’s Day weekend and catch a Friday night movie.  She will be encouraged, you will laugh and both of you will enjoy a message that affirms moms and values the importance of what they do.  Here is a link to the preview.

And if your taste in movies varies greatly from mine and you hate this movie, sorry!  But I think there is enough here for everyone to have a nice light-hearted evening of wholesome fun!

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