Last week in 2 Timothy Study

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Tomorrow morning concludes our study of the short second letter from Paul to his young pastor friend Timothy.  As this series ends, I am once again amazed at the breadth, depth and richness of God’s Word!  We finish tomorrow with 4:9-22 (the sermon will be posted early in the week for those who cannot make it tomorrow).

Thanks to all who have been so encouraging week after week!  In this last passage, Paul speaks with sadness of those who had abandoned and attacked him along the way, but chose not to dwell there.  He moves on to give thanks and praise to the Lord for being such an ever-faithful God and giving a well-chosen support team of encouraging, loyal friends.page0_blog_entry37_1-300x213

May we all know the joys of loyalty and seldom have to endure the pains of disloyalty!

On another note, this is the last week we will be posting daily devotions and small group study questions with the sermon posts.  The full outline will still be there as well as audio and video, but the devotions and study questions will no longer be available.  Special thanks for the amazing work Mike Edwards has done each week providing those rich resources!

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