Day: July 3, 2013

Psalm 150: A Night of Praise — Providence Worship Team

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On June 23, 2013, the worship team at Providence invited the church to come together for a night of musical praise.  For those present, it was an evening not soon forgotten!   The Spirit moved throughout the night to exalt Jesus Christ in a glorious way.

This week, a video of the evening has been made available on Vimeo.  I have watched and re-watched it several times already, each time marveling at the matchless mercy and grace of the Lord.  Each song and testimony affirms the greatness of God and the wonder of Christ.

The worship concert lasts about 1 hour 20 minutes.  If you can, watch it all!  But if that is not possible, there are some amazing moments not to be missed…”The Alabaster Box” sung by Shauna Nelson (31 minute mark), “I Will Bless Your Name” sung by Kristie Sylvester (48 minute mark), “Revelation Song” sung by Meg Skipper (55 minute mark) and “I Stay Amazed” sung by Shauna (1:11 mark).  There are many others that will stand out as you watch more, but I have been blessed by this great gift by Allen Lowe and our worship team.  They have allowed the Lord to show His glory in this great worship experience.

This year our focus is to make much of Christ.  That happened in a wonderful way that special evening!

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Psalm 150

Psalm 150:  A Night of Praise