Day: May 9, 2013

When the answer to prayer matters…

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When we can pray with dry eyes and indifferent hearts, not much faith is necessary.  What grips your heart so much that you pray as Hannah prayed in 1 Samuel 1:15, “I’ve been pouring out my heart before The Lord.”

Faith that God will move in response to prayer begins with the act of praying expectantly and fervently.  Occasionally mentioning something in passing fails to meet the standard of pouring our hearts out.

A challenge I want to embrace this year is to embrace some concerns with faithful prayer and look with hope for God to move His hand in a way that cannot be mistaken for anything but God.  Will you join me?  I have already identified five areas I want to see Him work.  As I read His Word, I believe that is the kind of prayer in which He delights!

(thoughts while in Siena…ciao!)