Day: February 26, 2013

“All Things New” — Mack Brock

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5156_710657270097_3492274_nOne of my life-long friends, Don Brock, is a pastor in the Columbia, South Carolina area.  Since our kids were about the same age, we spent some time together a few times…at the beach, DisneyWorld.  Now everyone is grown up and pursuing life on God’s terms.  Don’s son, Mack, is a singer/songwriter/worship leader at Elevation Church in Charlotte.  They have just released a new CD, “Elevation Worship–Nothing Wasted” with Mack playing a significant role in writing and producing as well as singing and playing on it.

He is one of those guys you need to know about!  Here is a video of one of his songs in a live worship setting with Mack singing the lead.  It is lots of fun having talented friends!!