Day: February 2, 2013

Fun tunes on a Saturday night…

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Sometimes Christian artists get a hard time when they step outside their specific ministry focus and just perform some fun music.  Two artists I have grown to appreciate over the past 18 months are Dara MacLean and Brooke Fraser.  Both have been very effective in writing and singing songs that convey a strong Christ-centered message.  But they both have also developed quite a following outside the normal Christian music circles.

Here are a couple of recent finds that I think you will enjoy.  One is a cover of an old song given new life and a new audience by Dara while the other is an original song by Brooke.

First, “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing,” performed in a cool live studio recording by Dara MacLean who in this song does a duet with Jason Eskridge.  Love this version!

Second, Brooke Fraser sings one of her own big hits.  From her beginnings in New Zealand, she now has a world-wide platform for her music and recently has played before sold out crowds in several international arenas. This is a song called “Coachella.”