Day: January 24, 2013

The Last Days – What can we know?

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Perhaps you are like many who have wondered about all the various ideas about what will happen in the last days…or if there will be last days…or if the Bible speaks in obscure symbols intentionally to keep us guessing. As the world drifts more and more toward chaos, it seems that every year or so now, new predictions about the end times hit the headlines.  What can we actually know and how can we know it?acts-forum-the-last-days

Next Sunday night at Providence, a dear friend and brilliant man of God, Dr. Andy Davis, from First Baptist Church in Durham, NC will address those questions from a biblical perspective.  An avid student of the Scriptures with a gift for taking complex issues and making them understandable, Andy will lead us through an evening of exploration of what the Bible actually teaches about the last days and share with us some of his conclusions about how to make sense of it all.

This is the kind of evening you can trust to be fully worthy of your attention…and I promise you, one that your friends, unbelieving and believing alike, will want to attend.  So plan to be there with your Bible and a way to take notes because you will leave armed with a greater sense of understanding of this fascinating subject.

Special thanks to Andy for taking time away from his responsibilities in Durham to come lead us that evening!