Day: January 19, 2013

Thought before Sunday’s sermon on 1 Timothy 4:-15…

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The natural direction of the human heart is inclined away from God. Therefore we will drift from Him until we have moved far enough to run from Him.  Some will hold onto the pretense that they are followers of Christ but with no real intention of actually acting in a manner worthy of Him.  Here is brief comment by John Calvin regarding this.


Calvin – “Men being by nature inclined to hypocrisy, Satan easily persuades them that God is worshipped aright by ceremonies and outward discipline; and, indeed, without a teacher, almost all have this conviction deeply rooted in their hearts.” (from his commentary on 1 Timothy 4:1)

Approaching Petra

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After a mile-long walk through the Siq, a narrow path between lofty rock walls, sometimes separated by no more than 15 feet, the visitor to Petra in Wadi Musa, Jordan comes upon an astounding sight.  As we round the last turn in the Siq, we get our first look at the Treasury in Petra.  The first of many amazing feats of the rock carving is all the more impressive in that these 2000 year old remnants were carved by the Nabatean people into the face of the vertical walls, rising from the canyon floor to a height of 300-600 feet.

Here is a picture taken from the Siq looking ahead to the first view of the Treasury.


For perspective on the size of the Treasury, here are two camels resting out front.


One last picture that I really have enjoyed is that of a cave in Petra, carved out of the red stone with all its layers of colors which create a stunning visual impact.  What a marvelous demonstration of the handiwork of the Lord!