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Swiss Guard at the Vatican

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Hard to believe but 2013 is here and I will be spending some time away on sabbatical this year.  Rather than the typical block of time off for the summer as in past sabbaticals, I will be away for three weeks in the spring and six weeks in the summer.  Part of that will be mission trip, part vacation and part sabbatical.

During the spring, Cathy and I will spend a part of our time in Rome, a first for us.  Hope you enjoy the first of what should be many photos of Italy we hope to post here.  This one was taken by my son Jon a couple of years ago and then I reworked it recently with an oil painting look.

Italian guard

Swiss Guard at the Vatican
Photo-Jon Horner; Oil Treatment-David Horner

Training for a Life of Godliness

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January 27, 2013

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My Hope – Paul Baloche and Kathryn Scott

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Here is some warmth for the soul on an icy, cold winter morning…

baloche and scott

The Last Days – What can we know?

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Perhaps you are like many who have wondered about all the various ideas about what will happen in the last days…or if there will be last days…or if the Bible speaks in obscure symbols intentionally to keep us guessing. As the world drifts more and more toward chaos, it seems that every year or so now, new predictions about the end times hit the headlines.  What can we actually know and how can we know it?acts-forum-the-last-days

Next Sunday night at Providence, a dear friend and brilliant man of God, Dr. Andy Davis, from First Baptist Church in Durham, NC will address those questions from a biblical perspective.  An avid student of the Scriptures with a gift for taking complex issues and making them understandable, Andy will lead us through an evening of exploration of what the Bible actually teaches about the last days and share with us some of his conclusions about how to make sense of it all.

This is the kind of evening you can trust to be fully worthy of your attention…and I promise you, one that your friends, unbelieving and believing alike, will want to attend.  So plan to be there with your Bible and a way to take notes because you will leave armed with a greater sense of understanding of this fascinating subject.

Special thanks to Andy for taking time away from his responsibilities in Durham to come lead us that evening!

A Premium on Gratitude

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January 20, 2013

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“In the First Light” – Allen Lowe

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Here is another post from our Christmas concert, “Paradox,” presented back in December.  The featured soloist in this song, “In the First Light,” is Allen Lowe, our new worship and music pastor at Providence.  We are very grateful that the Lord brought him to our team back in November!

Thought before Sunday’s sermon on 1 Timothy 4:-15…

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The natural direction of the human heart is inclined away from God. Therefore we will drift from Him until we have moved far enough to run from Him.  Some will hold onto the pretense that they are followers of Christ but with no real intention of actually acting in a manner worthy of Him.  Here is brief comment by John Calvin regarding this.


Calvin – “Men being by nature inclined to hypocrisy, Satan easily persuades them that God is worshipped aright by ceremonies and outward discipline; and, indeed, without a teacher, almost all have this conviction deeply rooted in their hearts.” (from his commentary on 1 Timothy 4:1)

Approaching Petra

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After a mile-long walk through the Siq, a narrow path between lofty rock walls, sometimes separated by no more than 15 feet, the visitor to Petra in Wadi Musa, Jordan comes upon an astounding sight.  As we round the last turn in the Siq, we get our first look at the Treasury in Petra.  The first of many amazing feats of the rock carving is all the more impressive in that these 2000 year old remnants were carved by the Nabatean people into the face of the vertical walls, rising from the canyon floor to a height of 300-600 feet.

Here is a picture taken from the Siq looking ahead to the first view of the Treasury.


For perspective on the size of the Treasury, here are two camels resting out front.


One last picture that I really have enjoyed is that of a cave in Petra, carved out of the red stone with all its layers of colors which create a stunning visual impact.  What a marvelous demonstration of the handiwork of the Lord!



“Can’t Get Over You” — Anthem Lights

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Two guys started writing music together in 2007, found that the Lord had given them something special and added two more to form the group Anthem Lights.  With tight four-part harmonies riding the power of strong individual voices, these guys are really something!  Listen here to what will probably be the first of many Anthem Light postings here!


He Makes Everything Change!

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January 13, 2013

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