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Well, I knew it would happen eventually…a repeat of an artist on my video postings!  Here is Rebecca Pfortmiller who sang “Forever Yours” on the last posting  singing one of our worship favorites at Providence.

One thought on “Stay Amazed — presented by Gateway Worship

    Kyoko Yoda said:
    November 18, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Pastor, thank you very much for the response recently. Everyday struggle (lonesome fight most of the time) can be exhausting. But the encouragement of you and the PBC is enormous and I lift you all up to the Lord with much gratitude.

    Like I said I often see purpose-seeking people gathering around church so they can feel they belong to something. One time I found myself with a young couple in love and prayed with them because their facial expression was of something dark. They would talk to me when they found me reading Bible in a cafe on Sunday but didn’t wish to reveal much other than their interests in religion of some sort, “so we feel like we belong to the good god”, as he put it. They asked few more simple questions about sins.

    After simple prayer of salvation was over I found the girl in tears and the guy in terrible facial expression. What was the matter? The guy said his girlfriend just had an abortion. Time like this really gave me the feeling I’m never good enough. The boyfriend said it wasn’t time for the baby for him or her. I didn’t accuse them of anything because I didn’t know a word to say. I wish I was good enough for them to be comforted in peace, but the girlfriend’s inner demon was bigger, heavier, much more than what I could handle. Time like this is when I feel particularly useless for the Lord.

    I gave them an advice to go to a church nearby with me so I can introduce pastors to them, but they refused. I didn’t mean to leave them behind but they had a bigger problem than what I could handle. I felt not just inadequacy but also inability to even mouth a word to say for them, which made me feel awful. All I could say was that the Lord is near if she let Him be. And that God cries with her when she would cry (I read the verse somewhere).

    I just simply pray that they receive the support they dearly need but when something like this happens, although I know things will happen in His timing and never mine or yours, the reason I met with them at this cafe was categorically unknown. Daily, I feel the purpose of why the Lord wanted me to meet someone like them (who end up refusing the invitation). Maybe God wanted to scatter faith seeds?

    Well, at your advice I leave the timing and reason for God. Because It’s He who decides those. But I wish I had a quick brain and tongue so I can talk better.

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