Seeing Things from God’s Perspective…

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Ken Boa — “When we view our circumstances in light of God’s character instead of God’s character in light of our circumstances, we come to see that God is never indifferent to us and that he uses suffering for our good so that we might be more fully united to Christ.” (Conformed to His Image, Zondervan, 2001, p. 453)

Thanks Ken, for this concise expression of what it means to take a good look at life from the perspective of one whose eyes have been trained by the presence of a Sovereign Lord.  Too many folks struggle by trying to make God fit their situations instead of allowing Him to be Lord over their situation.


As our small group enjoyed our last session last night, this sweet truth guided our discussion and shaped our last thoughts together as a group.   What a great time with some amazing couples!  We hated to see it come to an end but were all blessed by the insights and encouragement each person brought over the course of these past nine months!

If you have never sought the Lord together in community with a small group of believers, you are missing one of the greatest resources God has provided for the body of Christ.  See God’s hand work among folks who have become very dear to you.  Pray for one another as life brings challenges and blessings.  Share truth and insights into the Scriptures with one another and watch your hearts expand with an even greater capacity to receive all that Christ has for you!

Since our earliest days as a church, we have seen the great value small groups ministry brings to the life of the congregation.  Take the initiative and either start one (we can help you!), or plug into one of the 75+ groups currently meeting.  Then watch the Lord build a growing passion for Him and for others!

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