Day: February 23, 2012

In honor of a Dad who loved southern gospel…

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Today we celebrate the life of my Dad at a funeral service.  Some people have come to view funerals as an indulgence from another era, a woeful ceremony that prolongs the grief and makes it public.  However, for those whose hope is in Jesus Christ, the funeral becomes a place of comfort and a time for giving thanks to the Lord for His grace.  Only dishonesty would prompt us to speak of the deceased as if they were paragons of unstained virtue, but we can speak well of them without fear when the truth of God’s grace is proclaimed–that they were sinners like the rest, but when they were found by the love and mercy of Jesus Christ, forgiveness and new life made all things new.  Such is the case today as I get to represent the family and speak of a wonderful man who shaped our lives in ways we probably still do not understand.  But my true focus will be on the loving heavenly Father who saved my earthly father and gave him the eternal life he now enjoys in full.

My Dad loved southern gospel music.  Today I wanted to share a video by The Martins, a group my Dad probably never heard of but one which would have thrilled him by the sweet harmonies proclaiming in song the trustworthiness of a Savior who leads His people through life into the glory of His eternal presence.