Day: January 28, 2012

“Asleep in the Light” sung by Marc Martel

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Marc Martel

The old Keith Green song, “Asleep in the Light” gets a new audience with this amazing video by Marc Martel.  Marc came to prominence via YouTube recently when he recorded “Somebody to Love” as an audition tape for a tour with Queen.  There have been over 5.6 million hits on that recording on YouTube!

What many may not know is how his music also has been devoted to honoring Christ.  Hope you are blessed by his amazing talent, but more so by the message of this powerful challenge from Keith Green to step out there for Christ and serve Him with our words and actions!  Here is Marc’s version…

Devotions for Week Fifteen

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Dads Words of Wisdom Getting to know someone without ever spending any time with them is impossible.  How is it that so many followers of Christ never set aside time to spend with the Lord?  When do you do that and has your son seen you do it, heard you talk about it, been taught how to do it?   Perhaps something to talk about with him?

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Locomotion the Old Way

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Durango to Silverton Run, Colorado, 2008