Speaking of worship videos…

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Sometimes you just run into things that stir up your passion for worship.  Not sure what I was looking for on YouTube when I ran into a series of worship recordings from Brazil.  Probably I am among the last to discover these but the group leading these worship events have done an excellent job of recording the music and capturing some of the dynamic of what it must have been like to be there with thousands upon thousands of young Brazilian believers singing praise to the Lord.

I finally found one with English subtitles that I want to share here so that you can enjoy not only the music and the images but the message…in this song a simple one…”I want to live my life according to the vision You, Lord, have for me.”

By the way, the language of Brazil is Portuguese, in case you couldn’t understand what you thought might have been Spanish!  The worship leader is Ana Paula Valadão (Pictured on the right).

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