Day: October 9, 2011

Pastors Seminars Next Week in Zimbabwe

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Next week Cathy and I will join another couple in leading Christian leadership seminars and conferences in the southern African nation of Zimbabwe.  The quality of leadership there is extraordinary and we always come back having received more than we gave!

If you read this during the time we are there, Oct 10-20, please pray for us and those we will serve there!

Breakout sessions with Zimbabwean pastors and leaders

Spurgeon–New life by the Spirit

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Came across this powerful truth from a sermon by Charles Spurgeon a couple of days ago.  Only the Holy Spirit, opening our eyes to see the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ and leading us to Him, can impart life.  Many have tried to substitute religious passion and zealous deeds, or church activity and moral behavior, for the gift of God’s grace–and it never works!  Listen to this challenge from Spurgeon that resounds across the 127 years since he preached these words in 1884 in London.

“If, when you believed, you had not a life imparted by the Holy Spirit, your believing was a dead believing, the mere counterfeit of living faith, and not the faith of God’s elect.  If the Holy Ghost has not been with you since your conversion, every act of your religion has been formal, dead, and unaccepted…If the Holy Ghost is not there, life is not there.
     “You have professed to be a believer, but you know nothing at all unless the Holy Spirit taught you…Both for life and for light we must have the Holy Ghost, or else we are dead and in the dark.” (taken from Volume 30, pp. 387-388, Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit)

As I shared this quote in a sermon today, God spoke to many hearts and directed some of them to put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior.  “Dead believing” became living faith and folks came to life by trusting in the name of the Lord.  What a glorious Lord who makes all things new through Jesus Christ!