Day: September 28, 2011

Dads, take a look at “For Dads” Page

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Getting time together for dads and their sons…priceless!  Figuring out how to make that time substantive…even more priceless!

Beginning the first week of October, I will post one devotion per week for a father and son to enjoy together.   The content is very brief (as it would have to be to keep the interest of a young man) but should provide enough information to spur more conversation if the timing hits just right!

I look forward to getting feedback from how it goes…including suggestions from you after you get started that might help other dads who might not be as creative as you!

Perhaps sometime in the future, we can have a guest writer with daughters offer something similar for girls, but as the father of three sons, I’m afraid I would not be much help there!

Here’s to solid, growing, Christ-centered relationships in the home!