Day: September 15, 2011

Paul’s strategy–start with the familiar

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Last Sunday’s sermon from Acts 17 pointed out that when Paul went to a new place with the gospel, he started with his own people, the Jews, and went to their home turf, the synagogue, where he reasoned with them from the Scriptures, explained the connection between the Scriptures and Jesus, and gave evidence supporting his claim by pointing to the resurrection.  So as we consider our own strategy for telling others the gospel, here is something to think about …

     “Somehow when we think of sharing the gospel, our minds move to the hardest possible circumstances—to those least likely to be responsive and most likely to be antagonistic.  Paul’s strategy was to start the harvest where the crop is more likely to be ripe and ready than to try to harvest where no fields have been plowed and no seed has ever been sown!
     All around us are people who have grown up in churches, are familiar with the gospel and the Word, and even think they know God but have never put their faith in Jesus Christ.”

Perhaps we would be better served in thinking about where to start in speaking to others about Jesus Christ by starting with the familiar territory around us!  Churches are filled with people who know the Bible and know about God but who have never come to know Him because they have never put their trust in His Son!